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Our pioneering pathway into Aesthetics Course has been created especially for non medics, to furnish non-medics with an educated entrance into the world of aesthetics.

You will develop your knowledge and understanding of the structure, function and anthologies of the human body. This will include the integument, skeletal, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory , urinary and reproductive system. The blood & special senses form part of this study.

In order to complete this course you will need to:

1. Complete our Anatomy & Physiology home study course prior to your in-house practical assessment

2. You will be required to carry out 6 botox treatments in 3 different areas (each area must be done twice) on 6 models using Botox. The cost of the models and product is included in the price of the course. 

3. You will be required to carry out 6 filler treatments on 6 models using E.P.T.Q or Revolax fillers. The cost of the models and product is included in the price of the course. 

Both 2 & 3 will be done at our academy in Hale, Cheshire

Interested in our course? This is what happens next.

  1. Your Anatomy & Physiology home study course will be sent to you prior to you coming in-house. This must be completed before you book your practical assessment
  2. Once your home study and assignments are complete they must be emailed to us.
  3. You will then book your 5 day practical at our academy where you will carry out your injectables practical assessment on live models. You will be required to do 6 physical filler treatments and 6 physical botox treatments. 
  4. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of your practical assessments on live models.

From Beginners Level

This course is perfect for candidates that are new to the beauty industry

Models Provided

12 models will be included for your injectables practical assessment

Pay Online

Pay online via our secure check out.

Certificate Issued

A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.


  • Includes level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course which includes workbook completion and end of unit tests.
  • Accredited qualification in Phlebotomy (PRP) with Skin
  • Needling application
  • Foundation fillers (covering nasolabal lines marionette lines &
  • lips)
  • Foundation anti wrinkle (covering crows feet, forehead & frown
  • lines)
  • Safe practice in medicine
  • Complications management
  • First aid
  • Clinic set up (waste disposal, licensing, Infection control)
  • Full marketing & support program




  • 7-11th September (SOLD OUT)
  • 28th Sept – 2nd Oct (AVAILABLE)
  • 5-9th October (SOLD OUT)
  • 2-6th November (SOLD OUT)
  • 7-11th November (SOLD OUT)



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6TH OCT – 9TH OCT (2020), 2ND NOV – 6TH NOV (2020), 7TH DEC – 10TH DEC (2020), 11TH JAN – 14TH JAN (2021), 25TH JAN – 28TH JAN (2021), 8TH FEB – 11TH FEB (2021), 22ND FEB – 25TH FEB (2021), 8TH – 11TH MARCH (2021), 22ND – 25TH MARCH (2021), 5TH APR – 8TH APR (2021), 19TH APR – 22ND APR (2021), 3RD MAY – 6TH MAY (2021), 24TH MAY – 27TH MAY (2021), 7TH JUNE – 10TH JUNE (2021), 21ST JUNE – 24TH JUNE (2021), 5TH JULY – 8TH JULY (2021), 19TH JULY – 22ND JULY (2021), 9TH AUG – 12TH AUG (2021), 23RD AUG – 26TH AUG (2021), 6TH SEPT – 9TH SEPT (2021), 20TH SEPT – 23RD SEPT (2021), 4TH OCT – 7TH OCT (2021), 18TH OCT – 21ST OCT (2021), 8TH NOV – 11TH NOV (2021), 22nd NOV – 25TH NOV (2021), 6TH DEC – 9TH DEC (2021)