Ampika’s aesthetics requires a 50% deposit of the cost of a course upfront once date and course has been confirmed.

This is a non refundable deposit and will only be redeemable onto another course or course date at the managements discretion .
Providing there is a place on that course specified ,date permitting.
Full payment is required seven days before the course starts .

No one will be able to turn up to the course without full and cleared funds have been deposited into Ampika’s aesthetics account .

Failure to do so will deem your deposit non refundable.

Agreeing to this agreement states you are to turn up fully equipped for the course ensuring correct :
Clothing and shoes are worn .
20 mins arrival before course time commences .
Alcohol and drug free.
Ready to learn and engage in class participation.
Healthy and positive attitude.

Failure to comply to the above may restrict your entry in Ampika’s aesthetics.
We carry out a high standard of professionalism and expect the same level of dedication from our students .
Due to unforeseen circumstances if you have paid in full for a course or partially paid for a course and unable to commit to a date at the managements discretion we shall try to allocate you to different course options throughout a 12 month period .
Failure to progress on to a course within a 12 month window will mean that your monies is no n refundable .
All food allergies and special requests are to be made no later than two weeks prior to training course being carried out.
Special requests can’t always be accommodated within a 10 day window prior to training so the sooner you inform us , we ensure we do our upmost as a training school to accommodate your needs .
Thank you for booking onto Ampika’s aesthetics.

Be the best version of yourself with the right skills behind you .
Excellent training creates a service of excellence.
Enabling you to build a client portfolio to be proud of.